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As one of the most successful acquisitions in Intel’s history, Mobileye is a growth engine for INTC. Revenue has more than doubled since the acquisition and fully funds Mobileye’s development work on the autonomous future. Unique in the industry, Mobileye’s business model encompasses the entire automated driving value chain, including the front-facing camera that powers most of today’s advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), conditional autonomy – also known as level 2+ – and the self-driving system (SDS) for robotaxis and consumer autonomous vehicles (AVs). Mobileye is leading in every one of these categories with the industry’s most advanced vision sensing technology, crowd-sourced mapping capability and the Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) driving policy. Read on to learn more about our progress.

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» Download video: “2020 CES: Mobileye Maps Las Vegas (B-Roll)”


» Download video: “2020 CES: Unedited Ride in Mobileye’s Camera-Driven Autonomous Vehicle (B-Roll)”

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“Hour with Amnon” News Event

Mobileye’s Computer Vision News Conference (Replay) | Amnon Shashua’s Speaker Notes

» Video: 2020 CES: Amnon Shashua’s ‘Under the Hood of Mobileye’s Computer Vision’ (Event Replay)

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2020 CES Booth

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Autonomous Drive through Jerusalem

» Download video: “2020 CES: Unedited Ride in Mobileye’s Camera-Driven Autonomous Vehicle (B-Roll)”
» Download video: “2020 CES: Mobileye Maps Las Vegas (B-Roll)”
»  Download video: “2020 CES: Mobileye Booth (B-Roll)”




Intel Goes ‘All-In’ on Robotaxi Opportunity

Speaking to Intel investors from London, Professor Amnon Shashua, Intel senior vice president and president and CEO of Mobileye, declared that transportation as a service, as enabled by robotaxis, is a game-changer for mobility. He announced that Intel is “all-in” on the global robotaxi opportunity with the right combination to scale cities quickly. “Intel aspires to a leading position in this market top to bottom,” Shashua said. “We can and are building the full solution. We know that we have the products and market position to deliver an accident-free world.”

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Quick Quotes

“The industry needs be transparent, to show the work we are doing and not to be shy about it.”
– Prof. Amnon Shashua, President & CEO Mobileye

“The forthcoming IEEE standard will provide a useful tool to answer the question of what it means for an AV to drive safely.”
– Jack Weast, Intel senior principal engineer

“As one of Intel’s big bets, Mobileye is a critical part of Intel’s future and is already exceeding our expectations with ADAS revenue today that is funding the future of driverless cars.”
– George Davis, Intel Chief Financial Officer

“Mobileye is uniquely creating economic and societal value every day of the journey to fully autonomous vehicles…with self-funding of R&D that will enable us to address key segments of a significant TAM.”
– Amnon Shashua, President & CEO Mobileye

“Industry collaboration on the safety of automated vehicles is key to realizing a safe and responsible autonomous future.”– Jack Weast, Intel senior principal engineer